The information system KONTI is a comprehensive solution for a logistic centre of intermodal transport. The functional scope can be adjusted up to customer’s processes and needs.


  • Supporting the operation of a network of intermodal terminals, with concentration of the data into a central database
  • The solution involves also planning the transports, including a standalone Gate module with an option of unattended service
  • Allows for direct transloading from a vehicle to another vehicle
  • Modern desktop application with 2D graphics rendering the containers on the surface and the vehicles
  • Mobile online terminals covering all the processes in the terminal
  • Allows to change dynamically the terminal parameters in the course of time
  • Optimizing methods, used to minimize the manipulations and movements within the terminal
  • Dispatching the empty containers using FIFO method
  • On-going survey on container status and history
  • Allows to store documents pertinent to the container
  • Automatic price calculations for the customers for the services and for the container manipulations
  • Web portal facilitating an efficient communication with the customers
  • Data warehouses supporting the controlling, management, and strategic decisions of executives
  • More information (references, etc.) you can see in our product show-card.  

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