Information system for logistic, manufactural and trade warehouse


  • A possibility to run warehouse for more customers
  • Monitoring of goods in and goods out
  • A possibility of partly goods out
  • Tracking the circulation of goods in the warehouse
  • Fast data access through filters
  • Automatic customer price calculation
  • More information (references, etc.) you can see in our product show-card.

Offered modules

Warehouse - is to be used to define primary warehouse parameters. Then it allows you to enter your stores and their sectors. Within each sector storage positions are created, that identify rack number, story, raw and pallet position.

Goods in - a module to monitor accepted goods to store house with an identification, when it had moved in, by whom it was processed in, which customer it belongs to, and what is the origin of the goods. Beside particular items several other details are tracked such as: quantity, weight etc. Primary information is to which storage position has certain goods been moved. It is also possible to occupy certain storage position by different kinds of goods. The system generates by it self a unique identification number for the goods (lot), and then uses that number in further processing. There is also an option to draw the amount of different kinds of accepted covers.

Goods out - a module for monitoring of goods out of the warehouse with an identification of when it had moved out, by whom it was processed out, which customer is it for and for which recipient it is. It allows you to stock out goods partly even though they have been stocked in differently. To make the handling easier the system offers you by it self which Lots are the goods supposed to be stocked out from.

Circulation inside the warehouse - is to be used to track a change of storage position of a certain Lot, when and by whom has the change been done.

Warehouse economy - this module gives the user immediately an overview of the deployment and the state of the goods on stock based on the entered attribute (item number, Lot number, etc.)

Calculation - based on the tracked manipulations with particular kinds of goods and entered tariff scales the system proceeds with automatic price calculations for each customer regarding the given period of time. The system will create an enclosure for the invoice according to the calculated price.

Invoice - based on calculations the invoicing is processed. It enables user to draw revenue and expenditure invoices, including multiple and overhead (burden) invoices. There is also a possibility to draw revenue and expenditure notes of credit. Form all the entered data numerous printouts are created, and also in German or English version. It is possible to deliver, within the implementation phase, a module that will manage an export of data into an accounting software.

Inventory - this module lists the current state of particular goods on stock and creates documents so the it is possible to physically proceed with the inventory process. After that the correction of the amounts of the goods on stock can be done.

Company - this module makes it possible to categorize companies according to the users needs (customer, transportation, recipient, partner etc.), with the possibility of further categorizing. Based on this directory of companies a monitoring of particular grading indicators is done such as capacity of transports per certain period of time.

Goods - this module is for maintenance of the tally book of goods on stock, for a particular customer. Besides the basic data it is possible to redefine manipulations, that are supposed to be done with the goods.

Tariff scales - this module is used to define tariffs for particular manipulations, that are later on used in calculation module. 

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