Information system for road transport and haulage


  • Transport coordination of full wagon as well as part-loads
  • The economy of transport vehicles
  • Support of data exchange between affiliates
  • Export of printouts to files, direct sending through e-mail
  • Connection to accounting SW, customs SW or other information systems
  • Modular architecture
  • Windows application build on MS SQL database
  • Interaction with road map
  • Connection to GPS HW
  • WWW extension
  • More information (references, etc.) you can see in our product show-card.

Offered modules

Offer - serves as the initial point to track the transportation demand. Based on this demand a particular price offer is created for each customer. Pricing can be done either manually or automatically by calculation module using tariff scales. The price offers entered here are the platform for Calculation module in the Consignment module.

Consignment - this module is to be used to track consignment's transportation offers. Enables user to collect all relevant data about a consignment, necessary to realize a particular transportation. There is also the possibility to plan multiple collection and delivery, monitoring of customs documents with the connection to customs SW, automatic expenditures and revenues calculation.

WWW extension - this module allows the customer to enter his order in electronic form through internet. It supports 3 types of orders. 1. Initial order 2. Regular customer order (the order is automatically considered to be accepted, with the possibility of rejecting) 3. Automatic data flow without any user's intervention.

Truck - a module for carriage planning and the best use of transportation vehicles. It features special functions for this purpose, that make the choice easier. Part of that are also automatic expenditures and revenues calculations and monitoring of customs documents with the connection to customs SW, book of offers or other operational documentation.

Ride record of transport vehicle - this module is used for entering data about the actual course of the ride, which is further used for the screening of fuel consumption, salary calculation and daily allowance calculation. It is directly tied to the TRUCK module, based on which it is automatically generated.

Spedition warehouse - this module gives you an overview of the consignments placed in the spedition warehouse. Besides other things it enables user to enter the real date of load-in and load-out, specification of goods accepted into the warehouse, data for the damage report etc.

Daily allowance - this module automatically calculates daily allowance based on a particular tariff scale and the entries of the ride record of transport vehicle, with the possibility of further correction.

Invoice - based on the calculations processed at consignment level and at a transportation vehicle level, invoicing is finalized. It enables user to draw revenue and expenditure invoices, including multiple and overhead (burden) invoices. There is also a possibility to draw revenue and expenditure notes of credit. The module manages to create pairs between processed calculations with revenue and expenditure invoices.
Form all the entered data numerous printouts are created, and also in German or English version. It is possible to deliver, within the implementation phase, a module that will manage an export of data into an accounting software.

Company - this module makes it possible to categorize companies according to the users needs (customer, transportation, spedition, partner etc.), with the possibility of further categorizing. Based on this directory of companies a monitoring of particular grading indicators is done such as capacity of transports per certain period of time.

Transport vehicle - here is a possibility for the user to enter the basic tracking data about his own transport vehicles, that the user uses in the TRUCK module. There is an option to retrospectively monitor the circulation of a certain vehicle, track it's work load, fuel consumption etc.

Driver - is used for monitoring data about company's drivers , that the user uses in the TRUCK module. Based on this tally book it is possible to proceed with drivers screenings, daily allowance calculations etc.

Tariff scales - a module to define all related tariffs needed and used for automatic price calculation.

Bank and exchange rate lists - a module used for keeping the list of banks up to date and for entering the actual exchange rate lists as well as creating a consequent data backup. These exchange rates are later used to create conversions of calculations and invoicing. 

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