CRM system for logistic company


  • Keeping track of acquired contacts
  • Keeping track of addressed companies
  • A chance to reuse the data from COLLI, LOGI and LORI
  • Keeping track of sent and received documentation
  • Support of data exchange between affiliates
  • Windows application build on MS SQL database
  • The product is intended for a wide variety of companies and is not limited to any isolated type of business. It could be used as an extended product above LORI, COLLI or LOGI.
  • More information (references, etc.) you can see in our product show-card.

Offered modules

Company - this module is for the maintainance of the list of companies. It allows you to categorize companies according to the users needs (customer, transporter, partner, partner, etc.). There is a possibility of further categorizing (solvent, debtor, active, passive). Based on this directory of companies particular rating indicators are being monitored. The rest of the Market functions are build right above the module Company. There are also filters at your disposal that can sort the list of companies according to your parameters.

Offer - serves as the initial point to track customer's demand. Based on this demand a particular price offer is created for each customer.

Contacts - this module is used to keep track of established contacts of a given company. And it is also here that the user can monitor the development of a specific contact. Additionally it is possible to retrospectively asses the origin of a certain contact as well as it's impact on the company.

Documentation - a module used for monitoring sent and received data documents (text format, bit maps etc.) with a given company. The system then allows you to directly open up such documents without having to go through the tree of directories.

Minutes of meeting - for the given company it is possible to enter data about all related minutes of meetings, conducted by responsible personnel, including the follow up meeting schedule. E-mails are generated automatically for a particular user, that is picked from an e-list, so all the matter concerning personnel are informed about the approaching deadline. It is possible to immediately enter tasks concerning particular users, that have resulted from a meeting, and they can also be sent by e-mail. An integrated overview can be gained, in a print out form, about all negotioations of the company in a certain period of time

Activities - this module keeps track of all activities for a given company. It is used in companies that already use COLLI or LORI. The operating personnel have an overview of all the created offers or realized transports and invoices.

Overviews - this module keeps track of all the evaluating indicators.

Assignments - a module used for giving assignments to other personnel within the company. E-mails are automatically generated to the concerning employees. Consequently the superior position can check the progress of how the given tasks are being fulfilled by the employees, for a certain period of time, in a print out form.

Statistical printouts - the goal is, to maximize the effect of once entered data for strategical managerial decisions. The system lets you use the data in the most flexible way and finalize various managerial printouts, according to your specific needs.

Files to download